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Bartending For Biginners

BartendingForBiginnersTending bar is more than just pouring a cold drought beer or mixing up a mean screwdriver. With all the new drink combinations out these days, bartenders must be up on all the new terminology not to mention having the ability to mix up an Alabama Slammer without looking in the recipe book.

Bartending schools are popping up all over the country. Lured by the enticement of cash tips for serving the drunken public, bartending has been elevated to an art form. When the movie “Cocktail” came out, bartenders sought out the ability to twirl bottles and throw them up in the air as the bottle pours a perfect shot before it lands softly in their hand. Few can argue this is something not the everyday Joe can do.

Bartending for Beginners will be everything you need and more. So, let’s get started in the bar business!