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Blogger Adsense Guide

Blogging is one of the only truly “free” start-up business models on the internet. You can quickly and easily sign-up for an account with a free blog service such as Goggle’s Blogger. From there you can add AdSense and other affiliate links to your blog and make money from your visitors clicking on those links. This is referred to as monetizing a blog – making money with a blog. You can accomplish all of this without ever spending a single cent of your own money.

Google started a program called AdSense. AdSense is for website owners to make money by hosting other business’s advertisements on their websites. These AdSense ads can also be hosted on a blog, even if it is hosted by a free blog service. Google owns both Blogger and AdSense so they are both programmed to be very simple for anyone to use. Because Google owns both Blogger and AdSense they go extremely well together.