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Chow Chows Revealed

All you ever wanted to know about the reclusive Chow Chow—bared right here

Whatever the truth may be, you’re bound to find that your Chow Chow is a breed apart –that he’s not like any other dog breed. Doesn’t his independent nature bother you? Or his blue tongue? Or the way he moves? And what about his reserve? Oh, the Chow Chow is certainly different from every other dog breed.

Since ages, the mystery behind this fascinating breed continues. There are those who believe that he is a dog but that he doesn’t really behave like any other dog. After all, he goes hunting, but not like proper hunting dogs. He’s said to be a guardian but he’s not your typical watchdog. He is a companion dog but not like any other we know. He eats what every other dog eats but with so much caution.

The sad fact of the matter is that when the Chow Chow enters a dog show, he is judged just like any other breed, by following certain norms to the exclusion of others. This is reason for the decline of the breed. Instead, this breed should be judged on the basis of his behavior, responses and majesty, among others.