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Get A Girlfriend Now

I’ll cut straight to the chase. This ebook is for you if you’re a heterosexual man, and you’re looking to find a girlfriend, whether for the first time or the umpteenth.
I’ve written it because, as a life coach, I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen and heard men being hurt and bewildered because they couldn’t get a girlfriend, or feeling baffled by female behavior.

Sometimes, this is because of a plain and simple lack of information about how women and girls actually “tick”. And sometimes, more frighteningly, it’s because a well-intentioned guy, who’s really looking to understand women better, gets his information from other guys about how to do that. (Which is strange, really. A bit like getting instructions on how to use a PC from Apple).
Sadly, getting information about women only from other men leads men into all sorts of “one-size fits all” “techniques” and “seduction strategies”, that make the smart women they crave shudder and run a mile.

All of this makes men much more stressed than they need to be, especially when the real experts on, “What women want,” make up 50% of the population and are more than happy to tell you about this themselves, if you ask them in the right way.
So, as a women and a coach, here are the top practical steps you can take to help yourself get a girlfriend-along with some nononsense tips about what women really want, along the way.